So, I just realized I haven't posted anything here since October of 2013. 

In that time I've changed jobs, twice. Had my second child, who's recently turned 2. And screwed around with a lot of ideas but haven't actually made anything. Or even updated anything.

I've been slacking.

Though I have spent a good amount of time exploring Unity, GameMaker, and the newness of Windows 10 so it wasn't a complete waste.

So, this year I'm going to make something. Hopefully many things. But I'll settle for anything at this point. A couple ideas: 

  • I like drivel, and want to bring it to Windows 10 rewritten from the ground up and with a couple new features that I really think will make it more fun to use!
  • I also want to use Unity to make a game, we'll see which of many ideas I have that I settle on.


 That's it, my goals for the year. Now off to work...

TemPic and recent friends list issues.

Hi TemPic users! I just wanted to let you all know, or those of you that read this at least, that I know about the friends list issues right now and an update will be out soon to fix them! So please just ignore it for a little while longer and everything will be better.

They are the result of me fixing a bug on the servers while I was preparing a bunch of NEW FEATURES that are coming in this update! Here they are:

  • You can now see how long it has been since your friends have been online, or if they are online right now!
  • You'll be able to filter your friends list to show only online friends, friend requests, or everyone.
  • Got rid of the bug that returns you to the old menu sometimes after sending a TemPic.
  • Added longer viewing time options for TemPics!
  • And tons of other little fixes and tweaks!

What else is coming soon, but not quite ready to make it in this next update? User profiles! Soon you'll be able to add a profile pic, and set your age/gender!


I published my first game for Windows Phone (Endless Shooter) on April 5th, 2011. Since then I've released 4 more games (Bubble Blaster, Confuzzled, and Puzzlement) and TemPic(a temporary picture sharing app), and now almost two and a half years later I'm happy to announce that I've had over 200,000 downloads!

It's taken a while, I know, but what's more exciting (to me at least) is that over 60,000 of those downloads were in the last month! So I'm hoping that momentum continues!

In my last post about TemPic, I posed the question of if there was a market for the app in light of other developments. And after a period of thinking I should abandon the project, I've come around and have been working on updates for it once again. I have lots of ideas and features I want add, but it's going to stay more of a side project while I work on other game ideas. Because, honestly, games are more challenging and fun to make ;)

Which brings me to my last bit of news. After almost a year and a half of development, with a break in there to write TemPic and rethink the gameplay mechanics, Strategery is ready for beta testing! What's Strategery you ask? Why, it's a round based online strategy game for Windows Phone 7/8!

Here's how it works, each round players get money, buy units, move units around, and attack their opponents! Even if you miss a round, you enemies might not and that could leave you scrambling to defend yourself.

Sound fun? It is! And I'm looking for people with Windows Phones to help me test it!

If you have a Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 device and want to try it out, just send me the email address of the Microsoft Account you signed into your phone with when you first got it so I can add you to the private beta! Once I get you on the list I will email you a link to download Strategery from the Store!

With official (and unofficial) Snapchat clients coming soon, is there a place for TemPic?

It's just come to my attention that an official Snapchat client is rumored to be coming to Windows Phone this summer, and two unofficial (that figured out how to crack Snapchat's APIs, something I didn't have the time or energy to do myself) apps are coming even sooner.

So that begs the question, is there any point for me to continue development on TemPic? My instincts tell me to stop my plans for now, wait for the other clients to come out and see what kind of usage numbers TemPic retains and go from there. If people stick around I'll keep updating.

This is the first entry that I'm allowing comments on, so if you are a TemPic user and want to voice your opinion one way or the other please do so.

In the mean time, enjoy TemPic as you have been and I hope you stick around after Snapchat (you could even play some of my other games you know?)

TemPic's first month, the numbers.

It's been a little over a month since I unleashed TemPic on the world and figured I'd take a minute to share some statistics.

  • 7,905 users
  • 52,042 friendships made
  • 197 reviews globally with a 4 star average
  • 69,718 pictures sent
  • $23.17 made from ad revenue

Not bad, could be better, but not bad. The user base is still growing daily so that's a plus.

Thanks to everyone that's downloaded, and don't forget to rate TemPic! Any maybe try my other games too! ;)