• Bubble Blaster

    Bubble Blaster is a fast paced, fun, addictive action puzzle game exclusively for Windows Phone!

  • Strategery

    Strategery is an online round based strategy game where you play against friends and strangers from around the globe, and try to destroy them as you conquer the world!

  • Metro Tap

    Metro Tap is a simple, fun, fast paced, game that tests your reaction time and accuracy. Designed with Windows Phone, and the Metro design methodology in mind.

  • Endless Shooter

    Battle endless waves of enemies in this fast paced action shooter exclusivley for Windows Phone!

  • Confuzzled

    Tired of memory games that barely challenge you by having to match pairs? Wish there was something a little (or a lot!) more challenging? Confuzzled has the challenge you seek!

  • Puzzlement

    Puzzlement is a fun new take on the word puzzle genre where you are tasked with solving the same puzzle as every other player in real time. Solve the puzzle faster than your opponents and you'll get a higher score! Think you have what it takes to be the daily champion?