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TemPic and recent friends list issues.

Hi TemPic users! I just wanted to let you all know, or those of you that read this at least, that I know about the friends list issues right now and an update will be out soon to fix them! So please just ignore it for a little while longer and everything will be better.

They are the result of me fixing a bug on the servers while I was preparing a bunch of NEW FEATURES that are coming in this update! Here they are:

  • You can now see how long it has been since your friends have been online, or if they are online right now!
  • You'll be able to filter your friends list to show only online friends, friend requests, or everyone.
  • Got rid of the bug that returns you to the old menu sometimes after sending a TemPic.
  • Added longer viewing time options for TemPics!
  • And tons of other little fixes and tweaks!

What else is coming soon, but not quite ready to make it in this next update? User profiles! Soon you'll be able to add a profile pic, and set your age/gender!

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