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So, I just realized I haven't posted anything here since October of 2013. 

In that time I've changed jobs, twice. Had my second child, who's recently turned 2. And screwed around with a lot of ideas but haven't actually made anything. Or even updated anything.

I've been slacking.

Though I have spent a good amount of time exploring Unity, GameMaker, and the newness of Windows 10 so it wasn't a complete waste.

So, this year I'm going to make something. Hopefully many things. But I'll settle for anything at this point. A couple ideas: 

  • I like drivel, and want to bring it to Windows 10 rewritten from the ground up and with a couple new features that I really think will make it more fun to use!
  • I also want to use Unity to make a game, we'll see which of many ideas I have that I settle on.


 That's it, my goals for the year. Now off to work...

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