Announcing Strategery!

Well, the time has come to reveal some more information about the new game I've been working on.

As stated before it will be released for Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. You'll be able to play against users on each platform, and start a game on your Windows Phone, stop, pick it up on your Windows 8 PC or tablet later, then move back to your phone again.

Now for the new stuff:

  • As you can tell by the post title, the game will be named Strategery.
  • The game is my interpretation of a classic board game, I think you'll be able to tell which one from the screenshot.
  • The game will be online only, and not turn based. Simply because when I have time to play a game, I want to play the game. I don't want to fire it up only to find out that it's not my turn.
  • More to come soon!

Strategery for Windows 8. Now don't be too harsh, this was thrown together in less than 12 hours...

Also, Strategery took 3rd place in the Minneapolis Windows 8 Hackathon that took place Friday, August 24th! I'm excited that the judges saw the potential of this game, and I can't wait to get it to a point where I can start offering beta access!

Stay tuned for more information as I get more of the game completed!

Windows 8 ScrollViewer not displaying horizontal scroll bar?

Last week I went to the Minneapolis Windows 8 Dev Camp and Hack-A-Thon (thanks Jeff Brand - @jabrand, for great presentations and a fun event!) and during the Hack-A-Thon day I ran into an interesting behavior with the ScrollViewer.


I assumed this would be enough.The ScrollViewer's size was set to fill the screen, and it contained a grid that was statically set to a size far larger than the screen size. I changed the HorizontalScrollMode under the Common settings in Blend to Auto and fired it up, and my content would not scroll horizontally. I changed the HorizontalScrollMode to Enabled, but still could not get the content to scroll horizontally.








Needs to be set in conjunction with HorizontalScrollModeWell, now that I wasn't rushing to get as much of my new game done as possible before the end of the Hack-A-Thon and I was able to play around with the ScrollViewer control a little more I found the real setting to change that allowed the ScrollViewer to display the entire contents. Buried deep down in the Layout settings there is a property named HorizontalScrollBarVisibility that was set to Disable, change it to Auto or Visible and the control behaves as expected.

Lots of updates!

I've got lots of things to talk about so I'll get right to it:

  • Bubble Blaster version 2.4 was released recently, I added a daily challenge mode that a lot of people have been quite busy playing! I'm not stopping there though, another Bubble Blaster upate is being developed that will bring even better stability, performance, and another brand new game mode!
  • Puzzlement is out of private beta and released to the world as a public beta! It's got a new hint system to help you solve those puzzles! There are some bugs I already know about and am working to fix, but if you encounter anything or just want to tell me what you like/dislike or how Puzzlement could be improved, don't hesitate to send me some feedback!
  • I've also started working on my next game, my most ambitious yet, that will be released for Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8 and allow cross platform play and pausing on one device (say your Windows Phone) and resuming on another (say a Windows 8 tablet).  I'll be releasing more info soon!


New game, Puzzlement, coming soon! Beta testers needed!!!!

Well, after taking a bit of a hiatus for the birth of my daughter and getting used to this whole parenting thing, I'm finally back and I've got a new game just about ready to be released!

Puzzlement is a fun new spin on word puzzle games where you compete in real time against everyone else that is playing at that same time on the same puzzle with the same amount of time to solve it. The faster you are the more points you get and the better your rank on the leaderboards.

To get a little more info on the game, and to sign up for the beta check out this page (private beta is now closed)!

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