TemPic is a fun way to share temporary pictures with your friends! Simply take a picture, add a caption if you'd like, pick the friends you want to send it to, select how long they are able to view it, and send! You friends will get your TemPic and see it for the length of time you specified then it disappears! After that its gone, deleted, never to be seen again by anybody!


What makes TemPic different than other apps like it on Windows Phone you ask? Because TemPic is the only truly temporary picture sharing app for Windows Phone! TemPic will not save pictures you take and send within the app to your phone's camera roll for prying eyes to find!

Also unique to TemPic, random friends! If you're feeling adventurous, or don't have many friends with Windows Phones, you can enable random friend requests and anyone that requests a random friend might get you or you could ask us to find you a random friend! Don't worry, you won't be able to send each other any TemPics until the friend request is accepted!





  • Send pictures to your friends without worrying about anyone finding the pictures!
  • Send quick messages without using your text messages.
  • Random friend finder.
  • Notifications & Live Tile support.
  • Do Not Disturb: do you like getting notifications when you get new TemPics? Do you like to sleep and don't want your phone buzzing overnight? Then Do Not Disturb is for you! Tell us when you don't want to get notifications, and we won't send them to you! Don't worry, your Live Tile will still update so you can see how many new TemPics you have waiting for you in the morning.